Google patent would track objects within your gaze

Google patent would track whatever falls within your gaze

Google already has a patent that would let Glass and other eyewear identify what's in front of you. However, it just received a new patent for a method that could follow your exact gaze. The proposed system would include both forward-facing and eye-tracking cameras, correlating both to determine what's grabbing your attention. It could gauge emotional responses to objects by watching for pupil dilation, and it could be used to charge advertisers based on how long wearers stare at a given ad. Google may also have an eyepiece upgrade to go along with its gaze detection, we'd note -- the company just received a patent for a quantum dot-based eye display. There's no evidence that Google will use either of these new inventions anytime soon, but we wouldn't be surprised if they represent what Glass could look like a few generations from now.