Amazon gives Silk browser UI a major overhaul

Amazon made a big deal out of the Silk browser when it launched, but we've heard little about this particular brainchild after that. Now, nearly a year after the Trending Now section was introduced, the company has unleashed its first major update. We're talking about a complete redesign that begins with a mini-tutorial the moment you launch the updated browser. Opening a tab brings its new start page populated with your most visited websites and address bar. The bookmarks and browsing history that used to live here? They've shifted to a menu section in the hidden left panel. Speaking of bookmarks, you can now view them in either list or grid forms; if you decide to fire up a few URLs, the updated tabs' more rounded design could make switching between them easier. A smattering of other interface and under-the-hood changes also come with the new Silk -- the question is: will they be enough to push it past the remaining mobile browser contenders?