Gartner: Android gained five percent at the expense of iOS in Q2, Samsung jumped 9 percent

As smartphone sales stayed well ahead of feature phones with 225 million sold in Q2 2013, Android was by far the greatest beneficiary, according to stat analyst Gartner. That OS lept from a 74.4 percent share in Q1 2013 to 79 percent, while iOS declined sharply from 18.2 to 14.2 percent. Samsung helped that along by moving 6.4 million more smartphones this quarter than last, while Apple sold 6.6 million less over Q1 2013. Of course, Samsung has a wide range of inexpensive devices that still fall into the "smart" category, which may explain why Apple is rumored to be launching a more budget-oriented iPhone.

Meanwhile, there's further evidence of a BlackBerry decline (as if more were needed), as Gartner's stats now have Microsoft's Windows Phone well ahead. Last quarter, BlackBerry's OS share was larger by a hair, but Redmond's OSes gained significantly in Q2 with a 3.3 percent share compared to 2.7 percent for Waterloo. Another notable stat had Lenovo elbowing Huawei and ZTE down the chart for a fourth place finish in smartphone sales -- quite a feat, considering that unlike its rivals, Lenovo sells almost all its handsets in China.