MakerBot's Digitizer will go on sale next week, promises 3D scanning to the masses

With UPS' incoming 3D printing service and the growing availability of consumer-ready kits, printing objects is easier than ever, assuming you actually have something ready to print. If not, don't fret --MakerBot is on the case, announcing today that its upcoming Digitizer will be available for sale next week. The company hasn't yet put a price on 3D scanning, but the device (seen above) is quite a bit cleaner than the prototype MakerBot trotted out at South by Southwest. "It's the easiest, fastest way for anyone to create 3D models," boasts the product's announcement email (seen after the break). "We optimized the whole process to work perfectly with MakerBot's Replicator Desktop 3D printers."

Scanned objects can be resized, edited and uploaded to Thingiverse, and will be saved as a standard 3D design file compatible with third-party modeling programs. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some crew members to replicate.

Because you signed up for our mailing list, you are getting the first public glimpse of the all new MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner! It's the easiest, fastest way for anyone to create 3D models, and we optimized the whole process to work perfectly with MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers.

•Simple, yet sophisticated software creates clean, watertight 3D models with just two clicks.
•Get a 3D digital design file in just minutes.
•No design skills, 3D modeling or CAD expertise required to get started.
•Outputs standard 3D design file formats that can be modified and improved in third-party 3D modeling programs, like Autodesk's free software MeshMixer.
•Easily upload your unique scans directly to

We said you'd be the first to know, so here's an important heads up: the MakerBot Digitizer will go on sale next week at To learn more about the MakerBot Digitizer, check out our latest blog updates.

Full speed ahead.

The MakerBot Team