With its website offline, The New York Times begins posting articles on Facebook

The news cycle doesn't stop for unscheduled downtime. With its website inaccessible due to "an internal issue," The New York Times began posting content to Facebook today, beginning with an article on Egypt. "Egypt Declares State of Emergency as Scores Are Killed in Crackdown" is perhaps the first NYT article to debut in full on a social media site before popping up on any of the news org's own online properties. The news giant is directing its nine million Twitter followers to Facebook for the afternoon's top stories, which now also include "Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentenced to 2.5 Years" and "Hopes of Arab Spring Dashed by Region's Turmoil." For "All the News That's Fit to Print," head over to Facebook.

Update: As of 2PM, it appears that the Times is back online, though the most recent site update was nearly three hours before, at 11:07AM ET.