Star Trek Online's latest lockbox brings unexpected visitors

You couldn't see this coming, because who would?

You can be forgiven for not expecting the Elachi to show up in Star Trek Online no matter how dedicated you are to the franchise. They were a one-off race in an episode of Enterprise that never even got referred to by name, after all. But as it turns out, this mysterious opponent is working with the Tal Shiar, and as often happens that means the Elachi are the centerpiece of the game's latest lockbox.

Players can uncover a variety of prizes within the new lockboxes, including new ships belonging to the race. If you don't want a new ship, you can still utilize some Elachi consoles that allow you to fog the sensors of nearby ships. There are also new crescent weapon systems based off of Elachi technology and some special mirror universe ships to spice things up a bit more. Players eager for more details on what can be scavenged from these silent enemies can take a glance at the full rundown of lockbox prizes.