Distro Issue 103: Inside South Africa's TV white spaces experiment

In Africa, only 15.6 percent of residents have an internet connection and that figure clocks in below half of the global average. Google, Carlson Wireless and several other outfits are teaming up to employ Cape Town's unused TV frequencies, or white spaces, in order to bring high-speed connectivity to the masses. Darren Murph made the trek to South Africa get a behind-the-scenes look at the project and his account nabs top billing in this week's issue of our tablet mag. Eyes-On ogles Organic Transit's ELF; Weekly Stat tallies up the heroes of YouTube; and Modem World pleads the Hyperloop's case. Grab a copy from the source links below if your slate of choice hasn't already alerted you to do so and get comfy for another large dose of tech e-reading.

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