EA settles Battlefield 3 and Textron helicopter lawsuit

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|08.16.13

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EA settles Battlefield 3 and Textron helicopter lawsuit
EA settles Textron helicopter lawsuit
Electronic Arts has settled a lawsuit between itself and industrial conglomerate Textron, concerning three models of helicopter made by Textron aerospace subsidiary Bell Helicopter: The AH-1Z Viper, UH-1Y Venom and V-22 Osprey. The terms of the private, out-of-court settlement remain unknown, though the case itself has been dismissed with prejudice, Patent Arcade reports.

The suit, which has been ongoing since last year, was originally filed by EA as a preventative tactical measure, after Textron sent a cease-and-desist letter over the unlicensed existence of its helicopters in Battlefield 3. EA claimed that its usage of these aircraft was covered by fair use policies and the First Amendment, and therefore did not require any sort of licensing agreement.

Later that year, Textron responded with its own counterclaims, alleging that EA was guilty of trademark infringement and various other statutory transgressions under California law. EA then tried to have the suit dismissed, but was unsuccessful.
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