Building a Moto X with Moto Maker (hands-on video)

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|08.16.13

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Building a Moto X with Moto Maker (hands-on video)

We had a walkthrough with Motorola's dedicated Moto X assembly site during the company's launch event earlier this month, but we've since had a chance to log on and build our own device, selecting front, back and accent colors with a live preview updating along the way. Not much has changed since August 1st, but considering you'll be walking out of an AT&T store with a $200 scratch-off card and a two-year contract, it's worth taking another look at what you'll find when you get home. Click past the break for our hands-on video to see what we managed to make.

Update: Motorola has opted to delay the "signature" engraving, with quality issues to blame. Orders placed at launch will not include this feature.

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