Daily iPhone App: Notograph is a photography tool for your important notes


The iOS camera app is handy for taking photos of your memorable moments. It's also useful for grabbing snapshots of important notes, receipts or lunch break napkin scribbles. This usefulness is stymied when you hop into the camera roll and find your important note mixed in with hundreds of photos of your latest vacation. This lack of organization and context is addressed by Notograph, a new iPhone app from Craig Bradley.

Notograph is designed from the ground up to be a note-storing app that grabs its content from your camera. It's quick and easy to snap a photo of a note -- just launch the app and tap the onscreen camera button. There are no filters or fancy effects; only the shutter button, a toggle for the flash and the option to switch from the rear to the front camera. Each photo gets saved to your folder of choice and you can move notes between folders with just a few taps. The folders are displayed in a text-based list, while the individual notes are listed as thumbnails. The thumbnails jog your memory and help you recall the contents of a note.

The developer behind Notograph realizes people like to store and share notes so he has included support for iCloud syncing, Dropbox storage and Evernote backup. iCloud and Dropbox can be configured to automatically back up your notes, while notes are sent over to Evernote on a individual basis. Though Evernote syncing is manual, it's still easy -- just open the note and select Share > Evernote to send your notes to the note-taking and storage service. Notograph also allows you to send notes via email and messaging as well as share them socially on Facebook and Twitter.

Notograph is for the notekeeper who likes to quickly record photos of important documents and organize them outside the iOS camera roll. The app has options for cloud storage and social sharing so your notes can be stored safely and shared as needed. The UI could use some polishing, but it's still a good first effort, and I look forward to future improvements from Bradley.

Notograph for the iPhone is available for US$1.99 in the iOS App Store.