Sony PlayStation Gamescom 2013 liveblog!

While Microsoft continues to trip over itself in the lead up to Xbox One, Sony's PlayStation 4 message is staying on target and sailing straight into gamers' good graces. And, after an undisputed win at E3 this year, there's little doubt Gamescom 2013 will slow Sony's roll, instead giving the company yet another opportunity to increase its already positive mindshare and deliver on next-gen promises (PS Vita Remote Play, anyone?).

So, what can we expect from Sony's center stage spectacle today? The company will probably dive a bit deeper into the particulars of its indie strategy and, hopefully, announce a hard date on that PS4 holiday release -- which is what most of us care about, anyway. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess. So, hang tight, we'll be back with the blow-by-blow (and every gloriously awkward corporate potshot) right here at 9AM PST / 12PM EST.