Samsung unveils AirTrack soundbar for 60-inch and larger TVs

Many soundbars are designed for small or mid-sized TV sets, where price and space are top priorities. Samsung is bucking that trend with its newly unveiled AirTrack HW-F850: its follow-up to the vacuum tube-based F750 is built expressly for 60-inch and larger screens. As Samsung can afford a considerably larger bar, the F850 boosts the total power to 350W, up 40W from the F750. The company promises deeper bass from the subwoofer, too. As you'd expect, both Bluetooth audio and NFC pairing carry over from the F850's tinier counterparts. Samsung expects to ship the extra-large soundbar to Europe in September; the company hasn't mentioned pricing, although the F850 will likely command a premium over smaller AirTrack models.