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Bloomberg: General Motors to add wireless chargers on some 2014 car models

Smartphone wireless chargers are easier to find than ever, but built-in inductive systems for cars? Those we don't see often. According to Bloomberg, General Motors will incorporate wireless charging systems for phones on some of its 2014 car models, joining the ranks of Toyota and Chrysler. Unlike the chargers aboard the 2013 Avalon and the Dodge Dart, however, GM's cars will (officially) be the first ones to use Powermat. When the carmaker first announced a $5 million stake in Powermat in 2011, it said the Volt will be the first to offer the wireless charging perk. A two-year delay might have changed GM's plans -- it originally wanted to launch an in-car system in 2012 -- but we won't know for sure until the company releases official details.