Box gets more generous, gives users 10GB of personal cloud storage

Box may not be the first company you think of when it comes to cloud storage, as it's largely focused on serving business needs. Still, while Box's bread and butter is the enterprise, the company does dabble in personal storage, and today Box users had their lockers double in size to 10GB. That's twice the 5GB previously offered, which makes it a more spacious option than SkyDrive (7GB), Dropbox (2GB), Amazon Cloud Drive (5GB) and iCloud (5GB). The only big-name competitor with more free digital square footage, in fact, is Google Drive, which provides 15GB of space.

There's also some good news for small businesses and folks who like to share their space in the cloud. Box has rolled out a new starter tier that delivers 100GB of storage and allows up to ten users for $5 a month. 100GB of web workspace for the price of a large latte? Even the smallest startups can afford that.