Box announces 10GB of free storage and $5 starter plan

Almost everything is getting more expensive it seems, with one glorious exception; online storage. In the digital storage arms race, consumers are the winners thanks to a host of generous gigs of free storage offered by companies who want you to use their service. The latest move in the (online) storage wars comes from Box, who have launched a new, free personal storage and starter storage plan for budget-minded users.

Box's free personal storage accounts have been upgraded from 5 GB of free storage to 10 GB. These plans only allow for one user, but a free extra 5 GB is a free extra 5 GB.

The company has also introduced a brand-new Starter plan for small businesses looking to enter cloud storage. The plan offers 100 GB of storage and up to 10 different user accounts.

Box's Aaron Levie has published an interesting post about their new and upgraded storage options which featured one particularly interesting tidbit of information about how much digital data usage is growing. For reference, Box started in 2005.

Individuals are now accessing, editing, sharing, presenting and manipulating more data than ever before, across more devices than anyone could have ever predicted. It's estimated that there will be nearly 40,000 exabytes of digital data created by 2020 (enough data to fill up 671,088,640,000 64GB gold iPhones). For perspective, the year we started Box, there were only 130 exabytes of data in existence. If software is eating the world, then information is eating the enterprise, and we want Box to be the simple and obvious choice for sharing and accessing that information securely.

Box has an iOS app that allows users to share files with coworkers, view presentations, comment on documents and instantly view updates to spreadsheets. You can download it from the App Store here, and if you were already an existing Box "personal user" enjoy that extra 5 GB of storage space.