CCP's Oculus Rift demo becomes EVE: Valkyrie, space dogfighting due in 2014 (video)

We've been waiting for a proper Wing Commander successor for ages and it looks like EVE: Valkyrie could be it -- if you don't count Star Citizen, that is. What was originally demoed as EVR back at EVE Fanfest and on the Oculus Rift at E3 is now a multiplayer space dogfighter set within developer CCP's longstanding EVE Online universe. Details are as scarce as Megacyte, but, according to the Icelandic dev, it's coming out in 2014. It's a sure lock for a PC release, but CCP's history with the PS3 EVE spin-off Dust 514 and Sony's amoré for the Rift makes us wonder if consoles are in its future. Hopefully this means we'll be able to play on PS4 at some point, but instead of holding our breath, we'll just keep watching the trailer below on repeat.