Google reveals Field Trip app for Glass, puts recreational recommendations in your FOV

Google reveals Field Trip app for Glass

Perhaps you've been enjoying the fruits of Niantic Labs' endeavors on your handset since Field Trip's introduction on Android, and more recently, iOS. However, wouldn't it be nice to have those nifty tidbits of location-based info provided in a less obtrusive manner? Good news Explorers, because Field Trip has arrived on Glass today. That means that all those restaurant and activity suggestions upon which you depend to keep yourself entertained and fed are now delivered directly to your eyeball instead of your pocket.

If you're thinking that such a Glass app makes perfect sense, well you're not alone. It turns out that John Hanke, Niantic's chief actually made Field Trip for Glass, and the mobile versions were built simply as a way to get the app out to as many people as possible. That way, the database of info for the app could be built up and more feedback could be gathered and used to refine the Field Trip UX by the time it came to Glass. For folks wanting to see the results of all that hard work (and don't have the $1,500 wearable needed to see it firsthand), a video of the app in action awaits after the break.