Google Play bests Nintendo and Sony handheld devices in mobile gamer purchases, gets cozy in second place

All of the attention on Android-powered mobile gaming has paid off: Google Play is now in second place behind iOS when it comes to mobile gamer spending. A report from IDC and App Annie that tallies up Q2 2013 purchases indicates that Google's app repository has surpassed gaming-specific devices like Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's PlayStation Vita for the first time. The numbers also show that funds spent in both iOS App Store and Google Play combined account for around four times that of dedicated devices. It's worth noting that there are a few more smartphones and tablets in the hands of consumers than the aforementioned handhelds, but content for the latter usually carries a higher price tag. Of course, integration with the next-gen PS4 and a price cut is on the horizon for the Vita, so that functionality could help boost Sony's numbers next time around.