OpenGlass gives Google Glass real-time augmented reality (video)

To some, Google Glass is nothing more than a notification machine, but there are others who see Glass as an AR headset waiting to happen. OpenGlass is among those looking to give Glass augmented reality powers, and it's figured out how to implement simple AR in real-time. The trick was accomplished by sampling the imagery pulled in by the headset's camera and extracting the portion of that feed that corresponds to the size of Glass's display. That feed is then sent to an OpenGlass server that overlays digital annotations provided by another users onto the video feed to augment the wearer's reality.

There's a video after the break demoing the AR functionality, but it's rudimentary and laggy in its implementation. Essentially, the system serves as a telestrator that superimposes scribbles into your field of view. It's a good proof-of-concept to show that Glass can do real-time AR, but there's a lot of work to be done before Glass can become a fully-fledged augmented (or mediated) reality headset.