Amazon said to have tested technology for its own wireless network

Amazon may not be happy with just piggybacking on other wireless carrier's signals for Whispernet-style offerings, as Bloomberg has heard it's trying out technology that would let it create its own wireless network. The technology used in the tests is from Globalstar, which is seeking to convert its spectrum -- intended for use by satellite-connected devices like the Global Phone pictured above -- for strictly ground-based use. The report points out a letter from Globalstar technical adviser Jarvinian to the FCC indicating it was helping a "major technology company" assess the performance benefits available earlier this year. The usual people with knowledge of the situation have filled in the blanks, however whether the tests are continuing or if Amazon will ever make real use of it is unknown. If things do move forward Amazon would hardly be alone in its efforts with Dish Network's similar push to use spectrum it owns for LTE. If Globalstar really can do LTE / public WiFi better we're ready to hear about it, although hopefully it will connect to more hardware than just some future Kindle Fire 4.