MSI AG2712A 27-inch gaming all-in-one hitting Europe this month

MSI showed off its Wind Top AG2712 back in March, and, being the 27-inch gaming all-in-one that it is, the thing was hard to miss. The company's European wing is getting ready to launch the system this month, albeit with a slightly different name and some newish specs. The 27-incher is now called the AG2712A, sporting AMD Radeon HD9870M graphics, true to its gaming classification. There's still a Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor on-board -- the quad-core 3630QM -- plus two optimized SSDs and, the company is happy to report, "a brand new designed bezel." Because without a fancy new bezel, what's it all worth, really?

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MSI launches AG2712A Gaming All-in-One PC

MSI, world-renowned manufacturer of gaming hardware is officially introducing a new 27-inch, All-in-One Gaming PC: AG2712A. The MSI AG2712A features the Intel Core i7 3630QM quad-core processor, AMD's top-of-the-line Radeon™ HD 8970M discrete graphics card, and up to 2GB GDDR5 of graphics memory for the best gaming experience. The AG2712A comes with a brand new designed bezel, emphasized by its red lines which correspond with the colors of MSI's Gaming product lines. Furthermore, the AG2712A is equipped with Military Class 4 components and a Flicker-free anti-glare display. In cooperation with Plextor, MSI developed and integrated two SSD drives optimized for the AG2712A, which work in RAID 0 configuration. The AG2712A will become generally available in Europe by end of August of this year.
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High-End AMD Radeon HD 8970 graphics

MSI firstly incorporated the new AMD Radeon™ HD 8970M discrete graphics card into the AG2712A which supports DirectX 11.1--the latest 3D API, to squeeze every bit of fun out of games and vibrate gamers with massive visual enjoyment. AMD Radeon™ HD 8970M also supports Boost automatic acceleration as well as speeds the frequency up to 1200MHz (equivalent to 4X 4800MHz) with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, so even high resolution at the highest settings are no problem.
Flicker-Free technology

In its quest to offer an ever-better visual experience for serious gamers, MSI is leading the way, incorporating the "Flicker-Free" technology into the new All-in-One PC's Anti-Glare display. What's more, both its touch-screen and non touch-screen models support the technology, so it protects your eyes from screen glare and flickering. Incorporated in the AG2712A, the Flicker-Free technology stabilizes electrical currents and stops most flickering, which is generally invisible, regardless of computer settings, to protect eyes and prevent tiring caused by viewing screens for long periods of time. In addition, the AG2712A supports Blue Light Control technology, also developed by MSI, for effectively reducing blue light emitted from your screen to protect your eyes.

Since its founding in 1986 MSI strives to provide excellent products based on its core values -"Innovation" and "Style". The outcome are products with superior performance, trusted reliability, an excellent user experience and expressive style. MSI motherboards and graphics cards are found among the top 3 in the world because of their great quality and maximum productivity. Our hard work have led us to become one of the finest brands in the industry with accumulated sales in more than 120 countries, 150 million motherboard users and 100 million graphics card users worldwide. MSI has won nearly 8,000 award recognitions from 350 different media in 50 countries worldwide. MSI will continue to pioneer in the area of global consumer electronics technology with the needs of hardware enthusiasts, gamers and consumers at its core.