Galaxy Tab 3 gets rebranded as 'Homeboy' for launch on LG's Korean mobile network

Considering that Korea's warring giants don't get along too well, it's amusing to see LG offering a Samsung-made tablet on LG U+, the latter's domestic cellular network. The "Homeboy" is a re-branded Galaxy Tab 3 that plugs into U+'s services, including TV channels, music, video, e-book and educational software stores, oh, and it'll double as a GPS while on the go. Leave the unit at home, however, and it'll also guard the property, texting you if it senses an unwanted intruder -- and is, according to the company's Kang Hyun-ku, the first step in LG's new connected home platform. That said, given that it's nearly a nailed-on certainty that we're going to see LG's return to the tablet game in short order, we don't expect the amusingly-titled slate to remain the favorite son in a couple of months.