Samsung won't get a retrial in Apple patent infringement case

Remember Apple's big legal win against Samsung last year? In that patent-infringement case, which ended almost exactly one year ago, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple US$1 billion in damages (later reduced by $450 million) after willfully infringing on five of Apple's patents. Yesterday, Samsung was denied a new trial requested on the basis of "the rubber-banding effect" that it said it had not infringed.

That user interface effect is what you see when you scroll too far on an iOS device, with the content "bouncing back" as if it were attached to a rubber band. Judge Lucy Koh issued a ruling yesterday denying Samsung's motion for a new trial based on the patent, referred to in the case as the '381 patent. Apple won a similar ruling in Japan in June, and has argued in court that the demand for a retrial was just a delaying tactic by Samsung to avoid paying the damages.

A hearing is scheduled for November to finalize the amount of damages that Samsung will pay to Apple.