Lavabit alternative MyKolab offering lite version and cloud storage to help you dodge the NSA

Remember Kolab? Groklaw dropped its name as a secure alternative to now-shuttered Lavabit after announcing its own demise. The Swiss company is trying to capitalize on the fresh notoriety, and has announced a lite version of its MyKolab secure email service. It skips the premium version's calendars, tasks and other frills for half the price, about $5.25/month. There's also a new file storage option for premium customers that offers 1GB of cloud space. Uploaded files can not only be viewed, but also attached directly to an email. And, if 1GB isn't enough, you can always buy more storage. The company is located in Switzerland, where it can presumably resist NSA pressure to fall in line -- so, if prefer your email with less PRISM, check the More Coverage link.