Daily iPhone App: PicPlayPost lets you add images and video to your collage

There are dozens of collage apps that let you put borders around your pictures, but PicPlayPost does something a bit different. It lets you place both pictures and video into customizable frames and then share those multimedia creations with the world.

PicPlayPost is a collage app, and like any good collage creator, it comes with a decent selection of square and rectangular frames. It has frames for different aspect ratios, which is convenient for folks who are framing a variety of images. Once you've selected a frame style, you can add pictures or video from your camera roll. You then can apply effects using the app's six image filters effects or five video filters effects. You can also free rotate the media to get just the right angle for your design.

With your media in place, you can begin customizing the frames by changing their width and applying a color or texture to the borders. If you want to see how your custom photo-video montage will appear to viewers, there is a preview option available when you click on the clapperboard icon and select "Preview." This will render the videos and provide a quick look at your collage.

Photos are fun to create and even more fun to share with family and friends. PicPlayPost has got you covered with support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viddy, YouTube, email and copy to MMS. If you use video in your collage, you should know that not all social networks will play back the hybrid photo-video clip. Instagram will support the video montage as will Facebook and YouTube. Twitter only supports the photo montage, while Viddy only supports the video.

PicPlayPost is for anyone looking to design creative montages using both the photos and videos they have captured with their iOS device. It is is available as a universal app in the iOS App Store and costs US$1.99.