ParaShoot wearable camera lets you shoot stealthily, monitor on a smartphone

GoPros are great, but if you'd rather film discretely without your subjects going into "dude" mode, there's now the ParaShoot wearable camera on Kickstarter. The idea is to sport the 1.3 ounce device like an amulet or on a belt during your day-to-day activities, so you can shoot 720p, 30fps video whenever a moment strikes. While slight, it still packs features like a 100 degree field of view, built-in imagine stabilization, a microSD slot, USB port, 700mAh battery, automatic recording and WiFi. Finally, unlike other wearable cameras, you won't be shooting blind thanks the included WP8, iOS and Android app that lets you monitor video and control the ParaShoot. The company's already doubled its modest $30,000 goal with over a month to go, but if you'd like roll the Kickstarter dice and pre-order, you can still grab one at the source for $149. Delivery's expected by December this year.