Facebook releases cross-platform SDK for Unity titles, looks to boost 3D and mobile gaming

If the folks from Facebook and Unity have their way, you -- and everyone you know -- will be playing mobile 3D titles directly on the social network. The two companies have been working together since March to boost user engagement with games on Facebook, and a cross-platform SDK released today should go a long way toward reaching a broader audience. Available for download via Unity's developer site, the new kit lets devs port their mobile games to and integrate social experiences -- such as posting achievements to your Timeline -- into core titles, regardless of whether gamers are on Android, iOS or the web. And the companies are making this process quite easy for devs; bringing titles to several platforms only requires a line of code.

A handful of games, including Cmune's UberStirke, Madfinger's Shadowgun: Deadzone and Nival's King's Bounty: Legions, have already incorporated the new SDK, and Unity is no doubt hoping that other devs will follow suit. This isn't the first time the gaming engine has extended a helping hand to developers -- it's been known to drop licensing fees, for instance. Here's hoping this means a wider selection of Facebook titles is just around the corner.