Nine Inch Nails masters new album a second time for high-end audio gear

Many audiophiles will tell you that modern albums are too "loud" -- that the mastering process emphasizes bass and volume over subtlety. Nine Inch Nails will soon cater to these more demanding listeners with a special Audiophile Mastering Edition of its upcoming Hesitation Marks album. The additional mix will be truer to what Trent Reznor and crew heard in the studio, and should sound best on high-end audio equipment that can reproduce a wide audio range. The band warns that most fans won't notice the difference with this new version. However, there's no penalty for giving it a try -- anyone who buys Hesitation Marks from NIN's site will get to download the Audiophile cut for free when the album launches on September 3rd.

[Image credit: Nine Inch Nails, Flickr]