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Samsung to show off 98-inch Ultra HD video wall, 31.5-inch 4K monitor at IFA 2013

As surely as there will be another round of tradeshows this fall and winter, companies like Samsung will be there with bigger and better tech to show off, which consists of new 4K displays this time around. At IFA 2013, Samsung plans to show off this 98-inch commercial Ultra HD "video wall", as well as a 31.5-inch Ultra HD monitor. Samsung unveiled its 85-inch UHDTV at CES earlier this year it promised sizes would grow so we're not surprised it's combining slim-bezeled versions to create this massive screen headed to storefronts near you. There's no picture yet for the 31.5-inch monitor and few details, but Samsung is ready to battle with competition from the likes of ASUS and Sharp with detailed color calibration adjustments and support for 99 percent of Adobe's RGB space.