Aereo CEO reveals an Android app is launching this September

In more than one way, Aereo keeps growing and growing, and it looks as if it's getting ready to grow a little more. According to the International Business Times, Aereo CEO, Chet Kanojia, has confirmed to the publication that an official Android app for the TV streaming service is on its way. More specifically, Aereo's chief says the application will be launching in the month of September, which would be right around the same time as the unconventional cable provider prepares to debut in Chicago. No word on when exactly we can expect the Aereo app to arrive on the Play store, but given how August only has about two full days left in it, it's safe to say it'll be sooner rather than later. In the meantime, there's always the option to watch on your computer -- or, hey, maybe a dear friend would be kind enough to let you borrow an iOS device.