Black Betty 2K camera can shoot, cut and upload video with built-in Mac Mini

The Black Betty company has just hit the scene with a cinema camera that pulls an astounding trick -- it's got a freaking desktop computer jammed into the body. Camera-wise, there's a 2/3-inch 2K sensor with a 16mm lens mount developed by Silicon Imaging and used in films like Slumdog Millionaire. That'll capture 2K or 1080p, 160-500 ISO footage at up to 30fps (or more for lower resolutions), and bring 11 stops of dynamic range via CineForm compressed RAW files. The feature that made us triple-take, though, is the built-in Apple Mac Mini with a special dock for swapping in and out 2.5-inch SSDs. That Mini isn't just for recording, either, you can leverage its semi-portable power to edit and even upload videos in-camera. And, if you'd like, you can detach the camera head and 7-inch, 720p monitor from the computer and tether it via ethernet. It can only be rented for now, but No Film School said the 10-pound heft made it very well balanced, and it sports a nice retro look, too -- who knew a sideways Mac Mini could double for a movie camera magazine?