Digital Storm targets PC enthusiasts with exclusive HydroLux cooling solution

Digital Storm targets PC enthusiasts with exclusive HydroLux cooling solution

Let's suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that you're willing to drop a grand on your PC's cooling system -- that's the kind of cash you'll need to set aside for the HydroLux from Digital Storm. The system combines liquid and air cooling, a control board and a bevy of sensors, along with custom software that puts you in command of your PC's thermals. High-flow pumps will push over 300 gallons of cooling fluid across the CPU and graphics cards every hour, which is augmented by an airflow system that can adjust dynamically, operate quietly or act as a wind tunnel. As a nice touch, you'll also find LED lighting throughout the rig that serves as a quick visual indicator of the heat levels within your PC.

The HydroLux is a new upgrade that's exclusive to custom PCs from Digital Storm, and it's available immediately across the company's desktop lineup. You'll pay $1,084 for single graphics card setups, on up to $1,994 for monsters that rock four GPU cards. Feel free to check out Digital Storm's website and peruse the system; you don't have to return to reality just yet.

Digital Storm targets PC enthusiasts with exclusive HydroLux cooling solution
Digital Storm targets PC enthusiasts with exclusive HydroLux cooling solution

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Digital Storm Unveils HydroLux – The New Standard in PC Cooling

HydroLux redefines PC cooling performance by offering unmatched levels of customization and control

FREMONT, Calif. - (August 29, 2013) – Digital Storm today unveiled HydroLux, a complete desktop cooling solution that combines liquid and airflow cooling with fully customizable control software. Available exclusively on Digital Storm desktops, HydroLux monitors and automatically
adjusts to temperature fluctuations in in real-time, marking a giant leap in the evolution of PC cooling.

"We work hard to differentiate the Digital Storm brand by engineering powerful systems that meet our customer's high-performance demands," said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm's Director of Product Development. "HydroLux delivers on that promise by providing an industry leading
cooling solution that can be fully customized to meet each user's unique needs."

The HydroLux's proprietary Control Center software provides enthusiasts with complete control of the cooling system and chassis. This includes detailed temperature graphs, thermal linked LED lighting (pictured below) and automated airflow optimization.With the click of a button, HydroLux can transform chassis LED lighting into a powerful tool for monitoring system temperatures. As both internal system and fluid temperatures rise, HydroLux visually displays the fluctuations by fading LED lighting from a cool blue to a warm red. To help enthusiasts know when they have pushed their system to new heights, chassis lighting switches to red every time a maximum temperature recording is exceeded.

Users can choose from quiet or extreme airflow profiles depending on preference levels, or allow HydroLux to automatically make those determinations and adjustments in auto mode. An array of temperature probes feed the HydroLux control board with real-time data, which is then used to modify fan zones accordingly, striking the optimal balance between thermals and system noise.

HydroLux employs large high-flow pumps to move as much as 300 gallons of cooling fluid per hour, increasing heat dissipation and improving overall system stability. The advanced cooling system also features strategically placed quick disconnect valves for easy service and to
simplify system upgrades.

The HydroLux Liquid Cooling System is immediately available on all Digital Storm Desktops, including the recently released award-winning Aventum II.