Foursquare's new push recommendations appear even when you don't check in

Sure, Foursquare is a nice option for recommendations from friends and those who have already explored your current locale. It appears, though, that the days of manually searching the app for nearby treasures will soon be a thing of the past. Today, Foursquare began a rollout to select Android users a "smarter" version of the service -- one that's proactive with its recommendations. That's right, folks, the app will ping you via push notification when you're near a friend's go-to sushi place or offer up cocktail suggestions based on the bar that you just cozied up to. Fret not, you can still check in like you're used to, but now Foursquare will offer up recommendations even if you don't. Battery drain shouldn't be a concern here as the company says a day's worth of advice should roughly translate to a 20-minute Angry Birds session. In the next few months, the feature will reach all Android users, with iOS to follow sometime after that. For now, if you're not one of the lucky thousand or so, you can peruse the backstory via the source link below.