Humble Comedy Bundle lets you pay what you want for laughs, big spenders get Louis CK

The Humble business model can apply to anything. Now, you can pay what you want for stand-up comedy in addition to e-books, music and video games. For the next two weeks, you can get comedy specials from Maria Bamford, Tig Notaro, Hannibal Buress and Jim Norton for as little or as much as you care to spend. If you exceed the average donation though (currently $8.60), you'll take home Louis C.K.'s killer Live at the Beacon Theater set and three releases from his very good friend, the late Patrice O'Neal. As is the case with other Humble Bundles, anything you download is DRM-free and your donation supports great causes -- all for less than a comedy club's typical two-drink minimum.

  • Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater: Streaming, 720p, 1080p MP4, MP3, FLAC

  • Patrice O'Neal Mr. P: MP3, FLAC

  • Patrice O'Neal Unreleased: MP3, FLAC

  • Patrice O'Neal (Bonus Unreleased Animation): Streaming, 720p, 1080p MP4

  • Maria Bamford The Special Special Special: Streaming, 720p, 1080p MP4

  • Tig Notaro Live: MP3, FLAC

  • Hannibal Buress My Name is Hannibal: MP3, FLAC

  • Jim Norton Please Be Offended: Streaming, 720p, 1080p MP4