Motorola files patent application for a gaze-detecting wristworn device

These days, wearable tech is a beast that cannot be stopped, even if we wanted to (we don't). We recently got wind of an application Motorola submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (initially filed in February of 2012 and published today) for an electronic device designed "to enfold about an appendage of a user." While "appendage" could mean a great many things, let's go wild and call this gadget a smartwatch. The application specifies a few interesting features, including gaze detection, touchscreen controls and a hinged dual display system. Motorola is no stranger to this territory; its MOTOACTV has enough features (like Twitter and Facebook) to be considered a fitness-oriented smartwatch. This newly proposed device includes functions similarly geared towards health-conscious consumers, like vital sign and exercise monitoring. While not all patents materialize into the finished products we might expect, it's interesting to know that Motorola is actively pursuing one such as this. The application can be read in full at the source link below.