Mozilla aims to socialize app shopping with Marketplace for Firefox OS (video)

Firefox OS has an uphill battle to impress consumers, and Mozilla is hoping that the social app store it's developing will be the thing that sets it apart. Marketplace designer Liu Liu took to Mozilla's blog to discuss the team's decision to focus on "the feed," which appears to share content much like a social media site. In this brave new Marketplace, users would be able to customize their homepages, receive personalized suggestions, like specific apps and view download statistics. To create a friendlier environment, Mozilla has also included profile photos so you can put a face to the name behind the apps. Liu was careful to point out that the Marketplace prototype is, for the time being, a concept, not a product, and it'll certainly undergo several rounds of revisions before it's ready to unleash upon the world. To learn more, read Liu's blog post at the source or check out the video after the break.