SimCity for Mac arrives with issues that prevent installation and gameplay (update: issues resolved)

SimCity for Mac is finally here, and needless to say, many have waited years for this day. Unfortunately, the arrival isn't going terribly smoothly for some, with user complaints ranging from installation issues to the game running only in a windowed mode. Put simply, SimCity for Mac is unplayable for some, and it's an unfortunate situation that's eerily reminiscent of its launch on the PC. A Maxis spokesperson tells us that its live support team is actively working with players that've encountered trouble, and for what it's worth, installation of SimCity for Mac went off without a hitch on our end. In other words, don't lose hope; if you're looking to avoid potential frustration, however, you might want to give the developers a chance to iron out these launch day issues.

Update: Maxis has issued the following statement about the issues:

"We are pleased to advise that the installation-related issues some players experienced with SimCity on Mac have been resolved."