Megaman creator reveals crowd-funded Mighty No.9, his new (familiar-looking) game

Megaman creator launches crowdfunding project for new familiarlooking Mighty No9 game

Keiji Inafune is a bit of a games-making legend. Co-designer of the original Megaman, not to mention producing both the Dead Rising series and multiple Resident Evil titles, he's going back to his roots. Inafune announced at PAX this weekend that he's working on a new 2D action shooter, Mighty No.9, that looks (and apparently plays) an awful lot like some of his prior hits. The plot is pretty familiar too: a plucky robot has to battle six rouge automatons (or eight, depending on funding), stealing unique weapons and abilities from each one. According to the man himself, there's been no reaction from Capcom -- at least not yet -- and he's looking for you to help make the game a reality. The project's live on Kickstarter, and it's aiming to raise $900,000 (in just 30 days) to develop the title.

Twenty bucks will net backers a digital copy (through Steam), while $40 will also include digital copies of the game manual, art book / strategy guide and a copy of the original soundtrack. Naturally, the game will be ported over to major consoles if backers can reach a set of defined stretch goals. Crank up your donation to $60 and you'll get it all on old-school physical media, alongside a playable golden version of the game's protagonist -- and we all know everything's better in gold.