BBM for Android will look like this: beta tester gives you the tour (video)

BlackBerry Messenger's trip to iOS and Android is taking longer than we hoped, but when walkthrough videos are starting to leak out, it's a good sign that you're on the final stretch. Courtesy of JT and BlackBerryOS, we've now got an early peek of what it'll look like when the app eventually lands. Combining BBM's rigorous chat app with our favorite Android keyboards sounds mighty tempting and it appears the app follows the bezel-swiping navigation of the BlackBerry 10 OS to get to your chat threads and groups. The video walkthrough (included after the break) also touches on the ability to transfer contacts through NFC, which is good sign that the messaging app will make the most of these the new mobile OSes.

Update: Within minutes of posting, the video's gone private. At least we'll have the memories, right? We're back!