Google's KitKat statue unveiling may have leaked a new Nexus phone (update: video removed)

We always enjoy Google's new statues for each version of Android, however the one posted just now for KitKat / 4.4 may have a bonus treat. The Googler in the green shirt is holding a device that reads Nexus on the back, however compared to the woman conveniently holding a Nexus 4 just inches away, it's clearly not the same. The word Nexus is spelled out in a different direction, the camera seems different, and it looks bigger than the Nexus 4, but it appears to have an LG logo on the bottom. The video is embedded after the break, you can catch a glimpse of the mystery unit about 38 seconds in. It's certainly curious timing for a new device to pop up, right after the old one dropped in price and is out of stock for at least one version.

Update: Well, you could have seen it in the video but Google has suddenly yanked it from YouTube, adding even more intrigue to the situation. We've contacted the company for a statement and will let you know if we hear anything.

Update 2: One of our commenters linked another video of the unveiling that also shows the device. It's taken from behind the people shown above, and while we can't get a clear look at the screen you can get a better idea of the phone's dimensions. Whoops! It looks like that one's gone now too.

[Thanks, Mike and everyone else who sent this in]