Xbox One swings into full production for November release, gets a CPU boost

No amount of news about the Xbox One can compete with holding the console in your hands -- thankfully, production is now in full swing for the planned November release. This was announced by Xbox Chief Marketing Officer Yusef Mehdi at the Citi Global Technology Conference, where he also revealed that the final product will have a slightly faster CPU than expected. Instead of the 1.6GHz processor we thought the console would have, it will be equipped with a 1.75GHz CPU. We can add that to the list of things we've found out about the console these past two months, including its GPU clock speed boost, lack of external storage support at launch and ability to recognize up to eight controllers at once. While Sony already has a specific target date for the PS4 launch, Microsoft has yet to conjure up one for its newest console, although that could change at the Tokyo Game Show.