Apple to host second launch event in China on September 11th

We can't be the only ones wondering whether the bright colors in Apple's September 10th invite were a visual reference to the snazzy plastic iPhones we've been seeing recently. Indeed, these same primary hues have now re-appeared in a second invite sent to journalists in China, summoning them to special event on September 11th in Beijing, and that only adds to our expectation that a cheaper iPhone 5C (if that's what it's really called) may be imminent. Tim Cook wouldn't have undertaken all those long-haul visits to Chinese carriers just for the free slippers and sleeping masks.

Update: Seems like Beijing won't be alone; Berlin and Tokyo will also be getting their own iPhone launch events. Those localized launches will apparently feature either a live stream or a replay of the Cupertino press conference, along with some "other content," according to AllThingsD. This isn't the first time Apple has run events in multiple countries, but we also don't expect them to differ terribly from the primary one held in the US.