Google Authenticator for iOS updated, requires a fresh setup afterwards (updated)

Two factor authentication is becoming an increasingly common part of keeping one's accounts secure online, and Google has just updated its Authenticator app for iOS. Outwardly, version 2.0 brings a new look that matches the style recently seen in other Google apps like Google+, YouTube and Gmail. The app is also retina display and iPhone 5 ready now, however there's still no native support for the iPad. It still functions the same way, cranking out a login code for users to access their accounts on demand, however there's one quirk you'll want to be aware of before pressing the update button. As Steve Streza points out on Twitter (and we experienced ourselves), the new version clears your account details and will need to be paired again before it works. It shouldn't be too much of a hassle (you did tie your account to a good backup phone number, right?) to get things set up again, but since it's not mentioned in the changelog consider this a friendly heads-up.

Update: Just so we're all caught up, Google is aware of the issue and working on a fix. Just as important, it's pulled the update from the App Store while it works out the kinks to ensure no one else loses their precious Authenticator tokens... even if just temporarily.

Update 2: A Google spokesperson has just provided us with the following quote: "We're aware of this issue and are working to release an updated version as soon as possible." Not much new beyond what we could already deduce ourselves, but there you have it.

Update 3: Google has now posted an entire Support section regarding the matter.