Sony's PRS-T3 e-reader hands-on

When you operate in as many spaces as Sony, some products just aren't going to get the same love as others. The company spent the vast majority of today's press conference discussing the Xperia Z1, while speeding through spaces like imaging and HDTV. E-readers, on the other hand, got no love at all. The company's latest reader was on the floor here at IFA, however, sitting in one lonely corner of Sony's brightly lit both. It's a shame really, because there are some pretty cool innovations on the PRS-T3.

Namely, there's the integrated case, so you don't have to shell out $50 to protect your reader's display. Instead, a cover folds out directly from the rear. And if you don't want that dangling off, just stick your thumb in a slot on the bottom and you can pry it right off. You're not likely to do that too often, however, seeing as how the cover has a retractable light built in. Sony apparently opted to forgo built-in front lighting for a more traditional arm that'll illuminate the reader.

Sony's PRST3 ereader handson

As ever, Sony's keeping with physical buttons -- good news for those who don't do touchscreens. The reader's also noticeably shed some weight since the last generation, making it that much easier to hold. The company claims to have bumped up the resolution and contrast on the display, though we didn't really notice much difference, for the record. We did, however, happily take note of the fact that the E Ink display has bucked those full page refreshes, much like the Kobo before it.

No word on pricing, though the German Sony rep we spoke with mentioned that it will be launching tomorrow in this market at least.

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