Haier's new OLED TV is harder to push over than most

Eye control is all well and good, but what Haier was really pumped about at this year's IFA was its new 55-inch OLED set. And, granted, the set is nice and thin at four millimeters, with a 1.5 millimeter bezel. What the company was really excited about, however, was the built-in stand. Yep, it's a four millimeter thick TV that can stand on its own, making it really difficult to push over in one direction, at least. We appreciate the sentiment, but we'll be more excited when we can start controlling the thing with our brains.

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IFA 2013: Tune in to Haier's TVs of the future!

Haier, the world's number one Major Appliances brand for four years running* and 8th most innovative company**, continues to pursue excellence in innovation through more and more creative inventions. For a glimpse into the future of consumer electronics, take a look at products on display at Haier's Brown goods stand.


Haier presents the first ever 55" OLED TV with a totally built-in stand! Unlike traditional LCD and LED TVs, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology needs no backlight as light is produced through its electroluminescent diodes. This allows for more natural and vibrant on-screen colours, superior contrast and impressively deep blacks.

Without a backlight, screen thickness is reduced to just 4mm, with a frame of 1.5mm. Made of refined metal, Haier's all-in-one OLED TV will also add style to living room décor. Visit the Haier stand to marvel at the explosion of colours on an "ultra-slim" screen!