Nikon's LD-1000 LED Movie Light, a bright addition to Nikon 1 video shoots

Nikon's LD1000 LED Movie Light, a bright addition to Nikon 1 video shoots

Yup, it's just a light. But the LD-1000 is made by Nikon, and designed to attach to the company's 1-Series mirrorless cameras, such as the J3 or V2, which makes it at least mildly interesting. The AAA-powered bracket-mounted lamp includes four white LEDs and a diffuser, and while its primary focus is to illuminate a subject during a video shoot, you can also use it to provide fill light for still photos, or whenever a constant low-power stream of illumination is more appropriate than a flash. Pick it up in black or white in October for a somewhat ambitious $99.95.

Nikon's LD1000 LED Movie Light, a bright addition to Nikon 1 video shoots
Nikon's LD1000 LED Movie Light, a bright addition to Nikon 1 video shoots

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The Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light Provides Additional Illumination When Capturing

Still Images and HD Movies

MELVILLE, N.Y. (September 5, 2013) – Today, Nikon announced the new LD-1000 LED Movie Light, an optional lighting accessory for Nikon 1 and COOLPIX cameras. The LD-1000 LED Movie Light is compact and lightweight, making it convenient to take anywhere. Additionally, it features a built-in diffusion panel, enabling natural, even exposure and smooth textures with soft light. For further versatility, the bracket can be removed from the movie light, allowing it to be held in the hand for free control over the angle of lighting.

Primary Features of the Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light:

• Diffusion Panel for Soft Light that Enables Natural Rendering

The built-in diffusion panel evenly diffuses light for clear and consistent soft illumination. It also enables natural rendering of textures with minimal glare. The movie light can be used as an additional light source when capturing close proximity photography of still subjects like food, or as an additional light source for HD video.

• Continuous Lighting, The Degree of Which Can be Confirmed During Shooting

As the movie light emits light continuously, rather than momentarily as a conventional camera flash does, the degree and effect of the light can be confirmed in the live view display as it strikes the subject while shooting.

• Removable Bracket for Lighting From Any Angle

The movie light can be separated from the camera bracket, allowing users to adjust direction and height, as well as the distance of the light from the subject to achieve an optimal lighting angle regardless of the camera's position. Flexible control over the way a light strikes a subject makes natural rendering possible with a three-dimensional feel.

Price and Availability

The Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light will come in Black and White and will be available in October 2013 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $99.95*. For more information on this new Nikon lighting accessory as well as other Nikon products, please visit