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Samsung shows off 98-, 110-inch Ultra HDTVs at IFA 2013, teases 4K OLED

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Samsung shows off 98, 110inch Ultra HDTVs at IFA 2013, teases 4K OLED
Samsung shows off 98, 110inch Ultra HDTVs at IFA 2013, teases 4K OLED

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Samsung unveils UHD OLED TV at IFA 2013
Samsung delivers an unparalled viewing experience with both of flat and curved formats

BERLIN, GERMANY – Sept. 5, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. showcased its Ultra High-Definition (UHD) OLED TV at IFA 2013, the largest consumer electronic trade show in Europe. The UHD OLED TV is a proof of concept that combines the fantastic detail of UHD with the brilliant contrast and colors of OLED.

"Samsung has retained its No. 1 position in the global TV market for eight consecutive years by pioneering a new innovation each year, including cutting-edge displays, 3D and Smart TVs," said Hyun-Suk Kim, Executive Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. "This year we are showcasing our vision for the industry, which will undoubtedly be centered around the detail and the brilliance that only our UHD and OLED technologies can offer."

Samsung's UHD TVs deliver an unparalleled viewing experience born of pure innovation. With more than eight million pixels and a resolution four times greater than Full HD, the most intricate of visual details are defined, clear and breathtakingly lifelike.

Meanwhile, Samsung's OLED technology represents an unprecedented leap forward for picture quality and sharp contrast with its self-emitting pixels and natural motion. Combined, the fantastic sharpness of UHD and the contrast and colors of OLED usher in the next generation of television.

The Samsung UHD OLED TV is on display in both flat and curved formats. The Curved UHD OLED TV includes the subtle curvature design and creates an immersive cinematic viewing experience.

Both the UHD OLED TVs are 55-inches and stand alongside Samsung's Curved OLED TV and full line of UHD televisions, including 110-, 98- and 85-inch models and 65- and 55-inch sets that made their European debut at IFA.

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