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Samsung announces the world's first curved UHD TVs at IFA 2013

You didn't think Samsung was done announcing TVs at IFA yet, did you? This time, Samsung's folded two of its new TV notions into one set, announcing the world's first curved Ultra High Definition TVs. They don't appear to be OLED (so our money's on LED), but the new screens will be available in both 55-and 65-inch sizes. the company saying that differently-sized curved UHD TVs sets will come, "based on consumer response", so if people are buying 'em big, these high-pixel curves could get bigger too -- Samsung's range of flat 4K TVs now stretches to a one-percenter-baiting 98 inches. At almost the same time, Sony has just taken the wraps off its own curved display, a 65-inch LED TV -- but it's not UHD. Hyun-suk Kim, executive VP of Visual Display, reckons the new TVs are another milestone for the company, and will "invigorate" the UHD market, one that's only just taking its first steps.

Update: We wandered over to Samsung's gaggle of displays here at IFA, and we laid our eyes on their curved UHD TV. Not only is the set's 4K res just as impressive as big blue's other efforts with UHD displays, but its colors are exceptionally vibrant, and we're willing to bet accurate to the real-deal. Not only is the screen impressive, but it's sleek and swooping design is easy on the eyes. The gentle curve of its frame makes it take up more space than razor-thin flat panels, but its looks make it something we'd hate to hide in an entertainment center.

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Alexis Santos contributed to this report.

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Samsung Electronics unveiled the world's first Curved UHD TV

- Samsung unveiled the world's first 'Curved UHD TV' in 65- and 55-inch - The Curved UHD TV combines superior technology and curved form factor to deliver a more immersive viewing experience

- With the Curved UHD TV, Samsung puts an end to the debate over technological superiority

BERLIN, GERMANY – Sept. 5, 2013 – Samsung Electronics showed its leadership in the UHD TV market today by unveiling the first Curved UHD TV in the world at IFA 2013, the largest consumer electronics tradeshow in Europe.

The 55- and 65-inch Curved UHD TV deliver unrivaled picture quality due to the combination of UHD TV's great details and curved shape providing a more immersive experience and enhanced sense of presence.

"We introduced the world's first "Curved UHD TV" at IFA 2013 to meet various consumer expectations waiting for next new generation TV technology," said EVP Hyun-suk Kim, head of the Visual Display business at Samsung Electronics. "This will be a milestone opening a new era of next generation TV by invigorating UHD TV Realizing curved UHD TV is more difficult to produce than curved OLED TV due to the panel characteristics. The world's first curved UHD TV proved Samsung's unbeatable position in TV technology once again.

Given that UHD TV market is still at its initial stage, Samsung's will release the Curved UHD TV to market based on consumer response and market demands.

The Curved UHD TV joins a growing Samsung line up of UHD TVs including 110 inches to 98-, 85-, 65- and 55-inch models. This extensive line up of UHD TVs confirms that the next generation of television technology has begun in earnest.

The Curved UHD TV follows the company's recent release of the Curved OLED TV that launched across the world including South Korea and U.S. after it was initially unveiled at CES 2013 earlier this year.