Final Fantasy XIV's Yoshida sheds some light on PlayStation 4 remote play

Cats riding plant-monsters are unrelated, but fun.

If you're thinking about getting a PlayStation 4 for Final Fantasy XIV, you'll be interested to know that you aren't just shackled to playing on the console. We don't mean in the sense you could also play on your PC, either. The game will support the system's remote play functionality with the Vita, allowing you to log in and play on your handheld even when you're nowhere near the actual console.

Producer Naoki Yoshida discussed the functionality with Famitsu recently, explaining that while remote play won't be appropriate for large-group endgame content, there are a variety of things that can be done just fine remotely. Gathering and crafting, for example, can be handled without much loss from the handheld device, and even low-impact questing should work out just fine. Sure, that means that you can't fight a Primal while leeching off of the Starbucks wifi, but at least you can harvest some in-game goods whilst waiting for a coffee.