Griffin shows off MultiDock, a USB charging station for everything

I've got five devices that I must charge on a daily basis via USB. That might sound like a lot, but I know of plenty of people who have many, many more USB devices they're charging constantly. Those people might want to check out the newest MultiDock from Griffin that the company just unveiled today.

The new MultiDock is designed to charge multiple Apple and Android tablets and smartphones at the same time, quickly and efficiently. It accomplishes this by using Griffin's ChargeSensor technology, which the company says "automatically detects the charging characteristics of each connected device and supplies the charging rate each device needs for the fastest, most complete charging."

The MultiDock has room to charge 10 USB devices at once, but the actual unit is designed in a way so multiple MultiDocks can be stacked on top of each other three high. While the MultiDock could reasonably be used in a large family setting, the real appeal will come from people in offices or classrooms where multiple devices are being heavily used on a daily basis.

The Griffin MultiDock ships in October for a retail price of US$699.00.